Why we have our own In-house concrete lab 

We're the only solution provider in the industry that has its own concrete lab.  We built the lab so that we can provide the most accurate data available. We test your mix-design in our lab at various temperatures and compare our lab results with data from the sensors in the field to accurately predict the status of your concrete.  It is far and away the most accurate way to measure concrete and predict outcomes.


Our in-house concrete lab

  • Our lab is specially designed for concrete testing for the maturity method (ASTM C1074)
  • We test your mix design at a variety of temperatures
  • We're able to determine the sensitivity of your design in a variety of conditions – any mix design at any temperature
  • There can be several days of variance in strength depending on the temperature and mix design to reach 75% design strength
  • With the lab results and sensor data, we dramatically reduce your risk of not knowing so that you can move forward with your projects faster and without sacrificing quality.