A complete solution to
accurately measure and predict the status of your concrete

We're not a sensor company, we're a complete solution. Our team comes from the construction industry and has seen the value of predictability and saving days on a project. Our proprietary sensors are the only durable, wireless sensors made specifically for use in concrete that measure strength, temperature and relative humidity, all in one! But the sensors are only a piece of the puzzle. When combined with our powerful software, our concrete lab and our proprietary ready-mix database, we are able to deliver the most accurate, real-time information about concrete in the industry. And the results are unprecedented.   


Proprietary Sensors

  • Take the guess-work out of concrete setting and complete the job 20% faster
  • Instantly know the status of your concrete with Bluetooth technology
  • Intuitive app installs in seconds, no training required
  • Durable, rugged plastic housing perfect for heavy-duty construction
  • 2 year battery life
  • Guaranteed high-quality manufacturing, made in the USA

software platform

  • Our mobile apps to view data by project, floor and individual sensor
  • View real-time access to all sensor data
  • Chart the progress of concrete
  • Predict outcomes more accurately than ever before

Concrete Lab and Proprietry Ready Mix data base

We have a concrete lab in our office specially set up to do the most accurate testing of concrete for the maturity method. This is a key part of our complete solution and is unique in the industry. The lab allows us to provide the most accurate data in the industry on the real time performance of the concrete in any weather condition with any mix design. We've also accumulated a large data set of mix designs which when combined with our upcoming dashboard feature will allow predictive analytics. You will now know when to proceed forward, ahead of time, allowing you to optimize your labor and schedule.


Immediate and proven ROI

Success Story - Commercial office with top 10 GC

  • CS provided real-time strength data
  • Able to run stress tests earlier than normal
  • Reduced total # of cylinder tests 
  • More efficient scheduling 
  • Lab actually deferred to CS data over their
    own results

Success Story - Commercial office with top 20 GC

  • CS provided real-time RH data
  • CS was accurately able to predict when RH would meet required specs
  • Enabled GC to successfully install roofing materials in advance of winter weather, shorten schedules and reduce thermal control plan cost