Predict Concrete Behavior - Artificial Intelligence for Concrete

Yes, it’s about the data.  But what’s important is it has to be accurate data.  

Concrete Sensors was started years ago by me,  I was a general contractor who saw the need for intelligent solutions using artificial intelligence for making decisions about concrete.  We are essentially data geeks! Concrete Sensors has had a database to predict concrete behavior since the get go - now with 44M+ datapoints - providing our general contractor customers with the real time predictive analytics they need to move faster, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and get better quality.   

What’s really unique about our solution is the accuracy and the ease of use for our customers.  We are the most accurate on the market because we test the mix in our labs -- the mix that our customers are actually using in the field -- at various temperatures.

Why is this important?

Because the #concrete curing is highly dependent on two factors: the actual temperatures of the concrete in the field and on the mix design.  We take the in-field mix test results, create a maturity curve using ASTM C1074 maturity method processes called equivalent age. We load that up into our predictive database of over 44 million data points…

…and Boom! It couldn’t be EASIER.  

The data, strength curves and calibration are done.  No testing by our customers is required.

Now our general contractor and ready mix manufacturers have the data instantly at their fingertips to make the decisions they need for their concrete projects.  

I’ve been there. I feel your pain.

I have been in the shoes of general contractors. I know there’s so many moving parts — not only for the concrete process but for the entire construction project. Leave the concrete heavy lifting to us.

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